Section 8

Exposure controls / Personal protection

Information Elements

  • Control parameters, including occupational exposure limit values or biological limit values and the source of those values
  • Appropriate engineering controls
  • Individual protection measures, such as personal protective equipment

Most common non-compliances

  • Personal protective equipment information is not prescriptive or does not provide adequate detail, such as disclosing “use appropriate respiratory measures.”
  • Engineering controls are not appropriately identified based on the product hazard classification.
  • Occupational exposure limit values are incorrectly reported, not present or missing the source of the values.


  • Control Parameters

    The occupational exposure limit values or biological limit values (as applicable) must be disclosed, including the source of these values.
    • Suppliers should note that occupational exposure limit values may vary between different jurisdictions in Canada.
  • The recommended exposure control measures should be compatible with each other.
    • For example, do not recommend a half-mask respirator when eye protection is also required. In this case, recommend a full-face piece respirator or alternate exposure control measures that provide the same level of protection.
    • For example, a particulate filter will not protect against organic vapours. In this case, where available, specify the type of filter needed.
  • Personal Protective Equipment

    The personal protective equipment identified in section 8 must appropriately address the risk associated with the physical and chemical properties identified in section 9 of the safety data sheet (SDS).
    • For example, if the pH in Section 9 is listed as 1.1, then Section 8 should include a pertinent warning (e.g., wear chemical-resistant protective clothing; wear safety goggles).
  • Materials (e.g., flame resistant, thermal insulation) used to construct protective clothing for products with a thermal hazard should be identified.