Section 7

Handling and storage

Information Elements

  • Precautions for safe handling
  • Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities

Most common non-compliances

  • The precautions for safe handling do not disclose adequate detail.
  • The conditions for safe storage do not disclose the incompatibilities, or do not specify various requirements such as the need:
    • to keep containers tightly closed;
    • for a well-ventilated storage area; and/or
    • to protect the product from heat or sunlight.


  • General

    Information must be provided in a manner that is consistent with the precautionary statements presented in Section 2 and describes all storage and handling requirements relevant to the classification of the hazardous product.
    • For example, if the following classification is listed in Section 2:
    • Corrosive
      • Serious eye damage, category 1
      • Skin corrosion, category 1A
      • Corrosive to metals, category 1
    • Flammable
      • Flammable liquid, category 1
    • Then Section 7 must include information regarding safe handling and safe storage of the hazardous product (including incompatibilities) for a corrosive and flammable product.
  • Address each of the physical and chemical properties of the hazardous product identified in section 9 of the safety data sheet (SDS) that may affect the safe handling or safe storage of the product.
    • For example, if the pH of a liquid product in Section 9 is listed as 1.1, then Section 7 must include a pertinent warning (e.g., avoid skin and eye contact).
  • Precautions for safe handling

    Precautions for safe handling must be disclosed in adequate detail.
    • For example, detailed information such as the need for adequate ventilation, protective equipment, keeping away from ignition sources and washing hands thoroughly must be disclosed, where applicable.
  • Conditions for safe storage

    Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities, must be sufficiently detailed to effectively provide safe storage of the product in light of its classification in a hazard class and its physical and chemical properties.
    • For example, “Keep container closed. Do not store in brass, bronze, copper or copper alloys.”