Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

The Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of PEI is an independent, non-profit organization funded entirely by Island employers, providing no-fault workplace injury and illness insurance, and promoting workplace health and safety for all Islanders.

The WCB of PEI works to protect Islanders by overseeing the implementation and application of legislation including:

What is the role re: WHMIS?

The WCB enforces the provincial WHMIS Regulations for PEI workplaces. WCB also has an agreement with Health Canada to enforce the federal Hazardous Products Act and associated regulations. We support the Internal Responsibility System around WHMIS by:

WHMIS Status

Current WHMIS Requirements


Occupational Health and Safety Act of PEI


Workplace Hazardous Materials and Information System Regulations

Existing WHMIS regulations will remain in-force until they are updated. Changes will be announced in advance (check communications).

Suppliers must ensure that WHMIS labels are still being used on products. Employers who need to obtain WHMIS training for their employees may wish to seek out training programs that are also incorporating the principles of GHS at this point, as products being received at workplaces may have both WHMIS and GHS labelling until further notice. Eventually, old WHMIS labels will be phased out.

Transition Guide for Employers on WHMIS 2015


Transition Guide for Employers on WHMIS 2015

Stay tuned by joining our OHS Education Consultant's email list, which periodically sends out updates to new and current educational topics from our organization. You can join the list by emailing Lori Wakelin at (note, this list is not restricted to WHMIS updates but rather general educational updates within the OHS division of the WCB of PEI).

A workshop regarding WHMIS 2015 will be presented to interested delegates at our Annual Workplace Health and Safety Conference in May 2015. (Note: there is a cost to attend the conference.)


Prince Edward Island

WCB Office: 902-368-5680

Toll-Free in Atlantic Canada: 1-800-237-5049